Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey kids... here's some real news for next year's SDCC.... and a new post about "the cup that cheers"....

Lion Coffee is terrific. You've seen it featured here as a "Daily brew" at Stuart Ng Books. One of the reasons we moved to Torrance was access to Lion Coffee at local Hawaiian and Asian markets.

At this year's SDCC, I walked by a former Starbucks location and saw it was being transformed into a Lion Coffee store. Was I dreaming??? No, it's true! They were still under construction, but they had coffee available to purchase in the mornings. So of course, our entire SNB crew stopped by on the way into the con for coffee to go and a taste of Aloha to start our day.

I just got word that the San Diego Store is NOW OPEN!!

They are located a few blocks from the convention center, on the way to the Ralphs deli, where goodness knows all the pros who exhibit at a convention go to buy lunch ;)

Bookmark this website for your SDCC trip in 2010

Enjoy your Java.... and support someone brave enough to OPEN a new business in this economy.
They also sell online (no, not the drinks... the beans.. and not that any cynics read this blog, but I'm not getting free coffee for this post... just spreading the aloha spirit :)

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