Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bill Stout signing & "Salon" with surprise guest

We were delighted, as always, to welcome our friend William Stout for a signing at our showroom on Saturday August 28th..

In addition to meeting fans and signing books for all the mail order patrons who can't attend the event but are eager for a signed copy..... our artist guests also enjoy meeting the fellow artists who stop by. This event's "salon impromptu" brought together Bill Stout with Dice Tsutsumi (Blue Sky artist who contributed to the "Out of Picture" books, now working at Pixar) for a wide ranging discussion. (Stuart is the elbow in the background). Our art-filled showroom is the perfect Salon setting (not hair salon.... Salon in the sense of an artist hang-out without the absinthe --- I just realized there is "sin" in the middle of that word, but I digress...). These personal connections are what make the signings such special events for all of us. Our next signing is Sept 18th. Details on the website.

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