Sunday, August 29, 2010

SNB on MSNBC Aug 29-Sept 4th

News Flash: 222+ "thumbs up" as of 9/4 on the MSNBC website for this segment! What a week this has been. I am still adding to previous posts, so scroll down for all info on this topic.

We never saw this one coming... but did you ever see that SNB (Stuart Ng Books) can be found in MSNBC?? Well, now it's official.
Stuart was profiled as part of the MSNBC sunday morning "Your Business" series. The segment aired this morning (8/29/10) and will be featured ALL WEEK on the MSNBC/Your Business website. Producer Frank Silverstein and his crew filmed Stuart at Comic Con... and the crew later visited Stuart at our Showroom. And how did MSNBC find SNB??? Via this very blog (hoist by my own petard folks). It's our 15 seconds of fame friends, in a loop on the internet....Here's a link to view the clip:
Since you know we already have posts for "Your Science Lesson" here on the blog, the post following this will be "Your Business Lesson". Unless, like us, you were up at 4:30 AM Pacific Time when the show aired live, you missed the Q & A with small biz gurus Mike Michalowicz and Michael Port, which followed the segment.
My summary of the Q&A follows in the next post. Meanwhile....
The bonus round question for those who watch the clip on line...can you spot the following artists in the clip: Adam Hughes, Paul Wee, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Richard Peter Han, and Frank Cho.
More behind the scenes info on our MSNBC experience soon!

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