Friday, August 20, 2010

Get Inspired --Menagerie: The Art of Animals Exhibit UPDATED NOV 2011

UPDATE NOV 2011 This is post 1 of 3 posts on Art of Animals Exhibit from 2010.
Here is link to PHOTO images from exhibit online via Glendale News Press photo story:

Dear readers! Here's an art show you MUST see!!! Thanks to our friend, Bill Stout (who co-curated this exhibit), Stuart and I were guests at the opening reception last night for this amazing display of animal art. Of course, I forgot my camera... so I can only show you pics from the program... not pics of Stuart chatting with Bill, Drew Struzan, Andreas Deja and our other friends like Jim Mitchell, Bob Harper, and Russ Vossler who were also there. I even had a nice chat with Jenny, who remembered me from our booth at comic con (small world :)...

This exhibit is open now through Jan 2, 2011. Admission and parking are FREE!!!

Here are some images from the program...

Bill Stout's intro ...

Lion image below is "Leo's in Love" by Pete Graziano...

Here's a detail from the Andreas Deja's "Lioness Hunting Zebra"...

There are amazing works by Marc Davis, Iain McCaig, Leon Joosen.... and originals (YES ORIGINALS) by Charles Knight, Charles Livingston Bull, Antoine Louis Barye and Paul Jouve. I plan to return to the exhibit and take more pictures. The chance to see these works close up is not to be missed. There are lots of sculptures as well as paintings, drawings, and works in paper.
What I don't have pictures of YET... but will get on my return trip are images like Andreas Deja's stunning wire-sculpture of a frog that looks like a Heinrich Kley drawing come to life.... and Iain McCaigs delicate pencil piece of an octopus.... and Doris Hardoon's Rainbow Trout!!

Best of all is the setting... a little gem of a museum at the summit of Forest Lawn (yes, the cemetery park) in Glendale.
Here's a link:
The Park is open 8AM - 5PM 7 days a week, but the museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS!
To get to the museum, just keep driving up and up and up the hill. There are directional signs, but they stop appearing right around the time you're sure you're getting lost. On our way to the exhibit, we passed by lots of lost-looking cars. It's worth the trek. Not only for the exhibit, which is the main reason to go, but also for the other rooms of works, and the stunning view from the terrace outside the museum space. There are restrooms and a bookstore at the museum.
I can't recommend this exhibit highly enough. The space is small enough that you can really see and appreciate everything there. Don't miss this!!!
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