Sunday, August 23, 2020

Masters of the Illustrated Film poster -- links to legacy artists

This post is a deeper look at this online panel from SDCC 2020.
(art by Drew Stuzan)

Masters of the Illustrated Film Poster
"The history of the illustrated movie poster can be tied into the history of art itself, the panelists have expressed that they have 'learned from the masters' and that 'we all stand on the shoulders of giants.' This year we welcome artist Paul Shipper (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker) as host to the ASIFA Hollywood panel featuring artists Steve Chorney (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Who Framed Roger Rabbit), James Goodridge (Deadpool, Alita Battle Angel), Greg Hildebrandt (Star Wars), Rory Kurtz (The Graduate, Baby Driver), Robert Rodriguez (The Jewel of the Nile, City Slickers II), Akiko Stehrenberger (Girl on Fire, The Last Black Man in San Francisco), William Stout (Wizards, Life of Brian), and Drew Struzan (Hook, Back to the Future)."

I featured this panel in a post last month because it highlights not only the artists on the panel -- but  insights into the artists who inspired them .

Here are some more details and links from this panel...

At appx 25 mins into the panel you can hear icon artist Drew Struzan share his thoughts on life as an artist and how art connects us. Art as part of the human experience for a thousand years. Art is designed to communicate to human beings -- what is life all about: Beauty. Loving. Truth. Happiness. 
(art by Drew Struzan -- detail from 1984 trade paper ad for 20th Century Fox)

27 mins into the talk is a fun moment when Stuzan reveals a number of his originals at now for sale at a gallery in Texas. Watch some of his peers react to this news.

Here's a link for the gallery
 Another icon interviewed is Greg Hildebrant. (There's also a reference to a documentary about him and his brother, Tim.  More on this:

There's a lively exchange between Greg and Struzan at about 34 mins -- They name some of the artists who were influences and mentors
Artist William Stout agrees with a great quote about how "We all stand on the shoulders of giants" 

Here are just a few of the names these contemporary giants look back to:
Howard Pyle
NC Wyeth
Gustav Tenggren
Jessie Wilcox Smith
Dorothy Lathrop

How to the best artists get better? 
They keep learning. 
They don't look at all the other art that everyone else is looking at. 
They go out into the world. They go to museums and exhibitions. 
They look back into the artists who impacted past masters.

Want to learn more about artists like Pyle, Wyeth, Tenggren etc?

Check out the SNB website! Books about these sorts of artists and books featuring their art move quickly in and out of the inventory of reference books. 

Here are books on the individual artists that inspired the panelists:

Howard Pyle

NC Wyeth

Gustaf Tenggren 

Jessie Wilcox Smith

Dorothy Lathrop

And get ready for the grand opening of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Artists like these will be featured in the core collection. It will be amazing to see so many originals on display. (concept art for the museum, currently under construction at Exposition Park, across from USC, in Los Angeles)

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