Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leading importer of Bande Dessinee in the US

Quite by accident, we have become the leading importer of Bande Dessinee in the US. Bande Dessinee, or BD, are the standard French comic books, which come in an over-sized hardcover format and are printed on heavy, high-quality art paper allowing for amazing reproduction of the art.
Stuart doesn’t speak or read French. He travelled alone to France in 2005 because there was a Claire Wendling career retrospective at Angouleme, the annual comics festival. This was his first trip outside the United States. His visit there began his personal association with Claire Wendling, and his professional role as an importer of French art books. Since then, he discovered other French artists such as Pierre Alary and Olivier Vatine. We debuted Alary's Belladone in the US and Vatine's Pink Planet. Alary was a guest artist at our booth at Comic Con in 2006 and 2007. We have published 2 Alary sketchbooks. Stuart's friendship with these and other European artists changed the course of Stuart Ng Books.

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