Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stewardship - small and personal, not industrial and automated

Most of our patrons find us via personal referral or by finding us on the internet. Because we have a website (more on that later), there is the impression that we are a large company.

In fact, we are a small company of 3 people: Stuart, one full-time staff member, Peggy, and me. When we are really in over our heads (like for Comic Con), we have a group of bookseller friends and student interns that pitch in to help us. We don’t have staff or departments. Everything that needs to get done to serve your order gets done by one of us.

Running a small business is a big headache. The fun for all of us is being part of our community of patrons and the artists we serve. I really miss the days when someone else handled IT, HR, and accounting!

We are not

We are your personal contact between the books and the artists. We can do a lot for you… but we can’t do everything at once.

Being a patron of Stuart Ng Books is more than clicking through an order form or filling an electronic shopping cart.

Your Stuart Ng Books experience should be more than a retail transaction.

The benefits we bring you are as unique as Stuart Ng. He alone selects the books we offer. He never offers a title for sale until he’s gone through the entire book himself to make sure the art meets his expectations. Hand selecting and personally cataloging each title isn’t efficient. It’s effective.

Artists tell us they like to see their books on our website. They know Stuart and they trust his opinions. We are grateful for this support and confidence.

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