Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stewardship - "stuart ng" is an action word

Getting to know how we work and why we do things the way we do will help us help you.

Think of “Stuart Ng” as an action word….”stuarting” if you will…

“Stuart ng” is learning about the background of artists you like, and looking at the art and artists that influenced them.

“Stuart ng” happens when we acquire books from a private collection or on consignment from an artist, then guide those titles into the hands of a new owner, moving that treasury of experience and inspiration onto the next generation.

You’re “stuart ng” when you browse to really look at the books and images and discover more than just what you were looking for.

“Stuart ng” is spending a week’s salary on a stack of books, knowing it’s less expensive than travelling the distance Stuart has covered for you to find and hand-select the books to make them all available at one location. You know a $10 sketchbook you picked up at a con costs you time and the price of admission, meals, hotel and transportation to acquire. When you can’t get to a con, you can count on us to try to supply the books to you for a fair price negotiated directly with the artists, saving you and the artists the aggravation of seeing sketchbooks sold for profit at auction.

In many cases, sources with highly desired books contact us to handle sales for them. They trust us to provide the books to artists, fans and educators on terms that are fair to everyone. The word steward means caretaker. We are all stewards of the art we treasure. When you preserve, promote, and respect these traditions, images and art ….you are stewarding… and “stuart ng.”

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