Thursday, August 4, 2011

shipping status for post-con orders....

Our showroom is bursting with Stuart's picks of the very best of the new books from comic con...

And we are processing orders at a record rate. This is our first "post comic con" year with our shopping cart system up and running. The orders are coming in fast and furious. Our new system means Mary can update you easily on the status of your order. But please remember the shopping cart system DOES NOT MEAN we've altered our mission.

We exist to provide you services and books that make Stuart Ng Books a unique resource that meets your needs. We are not automated with a huge staff and warehouse. We are a family business serving our niche of patrons. We are small, hands-on and personal. We are not here to compete with the Amazons of the world.

Here's a peek at the stacks of orders. Each box is hand packed... so you can depend on the time and care each package represents.

The good news is that once your order is placed and confirmed, your books are beginning their journey to YOU. The better news is that we ARE NOT a big mail order processing plant. Your books are selected and packed with careful handling to meet your standards... and ours. We don't stuff the books inside padded envelopes.... or pizza boxes (yes, we've had books shipped to us that way... see post from 8-20-08).

At the request of you, our patrons, we've embraced the internet services of websites and shopping carts.

But we remain committed to the values we learned from our mentors. We practice old school, hands-on ways of bookselling to bring you unique benefits.
We all know the value of time. It takes more time to ship books the Stuart Ng way... and it means patience on your end. Your reward is the results. The books arrive in the same condition as you would find them in our showroom... and we ship all over the world.

We know you are anxious for your books. Your Stuart Ng team consists of Stuart (24/7), Mary & Peggy (full-time) and Don (part-time). My role? It's complicated ;)
(for more info on "team Ng" see my previous posts on "Rio Bravo" and "Dobby the House-elf").

During this crunch, it's all hands on deck! We are all at the showroom working hard to meet your expectations and ours. The kind words of encouragement so many of you have included with your orders are most appreciated! We are in "Edna Mode" mode.... go, fight, win... until all the orders are out the door and on their way.

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