Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We visit Blast from the Past in Burbank

While we were in Burbank & the surrounding areas, Stuart did some book scouting, and we stopped in to visit with fellow small business owners in our areas of interest. In this case... TOYS!! Okay, technically they're movie, TV and Comic Collectibles, but whatever you call them, if you love them like I do, they are impossible to resist. I totally geeked out at the array of wonders at Blast from the Past!

Inside this storefront on Hollywood Way is a real treasure trove of super cool movie and TV themed collectibles. It's the sort of place where the longer you browse, the more cool stuff you see!!

As The Joker once asked of Tim Burton's Batman "Where does he get those wonderful toys!"
Chances are it was a place like this...

I nearly had a stroke when I saw all the Star Wars items! I'm an old school Star Wars fan going way back (a long time ago... in a galaxy far, far away!). I could have spent hours just in this part of the store.

There were all sorts of carded action figures...

And this nifty display case of vintage figures too!

I loved seeing the old Kenner figures...

It was like catching up with old friends...Where are you been?? Haven't seen you in years.

There was lots of newer stuff too.. but of course, I had a hard time seeing past one of my favorite Cullens!

The next case over, I spied this guy, who reminded me of the biggest laugh I've still ever had at the movies, when he made his surprise appearance in the original Ghostbusters.

The Tim Burton items got my attention as well...

They even had my all time favorite: ZERO!!!

And this reminder that I still need to see Corpse Bride!

It's not all scary monsters and sci fi here. There's loads of family friendly items too. I thought this little "Eve" figure was super cute!

And who can resist a spinning display of movie magnets! Check out the sentiment with the John Wayne magnet:

If you like movies and cool stuff you MUST visit this really fun store! A big Mahalo and Aloha to owner Larry for being so friendly (and letting me take lots of pictures). If you stop by to see him and his super swell crew, be sure to let them know you saw their store here on the blog.

They are located at 931 Hollywood Way, Burbank CA 91505.

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