Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift of Inspiration - CW Anderson

An author-artist who was a longtime favorite with the horsey set is the beloved CW Anderson (1891-1971).
For a certain generation of young readers, his "Billy and Blaze" books were the perfect introduction to riding as well as reading....

He also wrote stories with heroines and horses. His stories for young people were gentle tales that stressed kindness to animals and common sense in the face of fears and danger.

His images of horses were popular in the 1960s and 70s.... and often used in home decor.

He was American, but there is a wonderful page about him on a UK website you have to love called "Ponymadbooklovers" This page also features a large number of covers of many of his books. He's best known for his fiction for younger readers... but also non-fiction books about famous real life horses. He also had cartoons published in the New Yorker. If you aren't familiar with CW Anderson, give yourself a holiday gift of discovering his work. We have some titles in stock.. and many of his books are available in print.

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