Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gift of Inspiration - William Stout, creating the San Diego (zoo) Murals

UPDATE DEC 17th -- Stout now has 7 posts on his blog with the process of this new project!
There seems to be a theme developing for posts this month: the gift of inspiration. I get so excited when I see how artists are using their blogs to share their working process and what inspires them. The constant refrain I hear from the very best artists is that they are 1) always drawing and 2) always learning. Case in point, our friend William Stout, pictured here signing at our showroom:

And here is one of his amazing murals... this one at the San Diego Natural History Museum:

Bill has just shared a terrific post on his "Worlds of William Stout - Journal" blog. This is the 1st post in a series on his brand new mural project for the San Diego Zoo. Check it out... and learn from one of the very best! (also check out his post on the impact of those fearsome winds here in So Cal).

Also see the August 2010 posts here on the blog for the "Art of Animals" exhibition co-curated by Stout.

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