Monday, June 2, 2014

Signing for "Art of Disney Golden Books" -- a look behind the scenes

On Sunday June 1st at Center Stage Gallery (CSG) in Burbank -- we co-hosted a signing for the book "The Art of Disney Golden Books." Here's more info on CSG

Here's info on the book 

And here's the summary blurb and list of guest artists -- from the SNB website :

The Art of Disney Golden Books Signing Party at The Center Stage Gallery was a great success. We want to that everyone who turned out for the event and especially our signers:
  • Charles Solomon 
  • Lorelay Bove
  • Brittney Lee
  • Grace Lee
  • Burny Mattinson
  • Jean-Paul Orpinas
  • Lori Tyminski 
The gallery has The Art of Disney Golden Books as well as a wide assortment of Little Golden Books currently on display.

And since you're reading this blog -- here's a look behind the scenes ....
Ever wonder how the books show up for a signing???

 Oh .. the glamour that goes on behind the scenes! Prior to the signing, we bring the books to Center Stage Galley in our trusty bookmobile (an SUV) and look who does most of the unloading -- it's the bookseller workout in action:!
Inside the gallery, we are assisted by the industrious and capable CSG (Center Stage Gallery) Gals -- Kelly and Maggie. They helped us re-count the inventory (yep -- there's no escaping math kiddos) -- and provided post-it notes that we/I forgot  (a needed supply to help price label errant copies)
With a lovely display area already prepared by the CSG crew, Stuart made quick business of unloading the books so the gallery could get everything finished on their end ...

Before you know it -- it's show time, folks ...
The stage was set .. and as the artists arrived ...
 and gathered in their signing circle, preparing to meet their fans ...
 The extraordinary Tina Price was on her game, as usual, making sure every element of the celebration was coming together. Her touches -- like the cool lighting, the yummy brunch, and the artist-focused and friendly vibe  -- are evident at all her events, from the Gallery to the amazing, annual CTNX (Creative Talent Network Animation EXpo) More info on this link:
Dapper gent in the jacket and hat is Disney legend Floyd Norman -- because lots of "unannounced" talent just happens to show up at CTN events -- just saying...
Soon, the doors would open to welcome the patient crowd gathered inside  ...

Sales were brisk -- special thanks to CSG staff Maggie and Whitney for handling all the cashiering. We had a big assist with the heavy lifting on show day from our SNB crew member Jim.

 It was quite a turnout!

 In addition to meeting the featured artists .. many fans enjoyed the opportunity to visit with some of the other attendee artists --- you never know when your visit to Center Stage Gallery will provide an encounter with a long-admired Pro!
 Brittney Lee arrived a bit late -- hence her table in the hallway -- but she was soon busy signing as well.

The signing lasted till 5PM -- when the crew and guests finally enjoyed a chance to mingle.

Many thanks to everyone who attended!!! 
And to the crew at CSG and SNB who helped provide the man & gal power behind the scenes.

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