Monday, June 2, 2014

My adventures at Sheridan Gardens (where I managed to be around house plants and nothing died :) UPDATED 1.17

Just a few doors down from Center Stage Gallery in Burbank is a charming, family-run nursery and gift shop ... Sheridan Gardens

I never quite know where my adventures as the "Bride of Bookseller" might take me. This day .. I wandered down the rabbit hole of the most delightful kind! Inside this little gem of a shop is not only all sorts of plants and delights -- but many lovely gifts, gift cards, and ideas to delight the senses. If you enjoy gardening and/or nifty gifties -- this place is a MUST SEE!!

Here are links for the gift shop

and the garden shop

They sell topiaries!!!

What really got me though was the sight of these two mini-gardens. I love the idea of plants -- but never have much luck keeping them alive. However -- a mini-garden seemed like a fantasy realized. And guess what THEY TEACH CLASSES ON HOW TO DO THIS!! If I lived nearby, I would so be trying this. Also check out their website for lots of gardening tips. You have to love a store that wants to reach out and educate their patrons. Everyone benefits!!

here are the little table-top gardens ... I've always loved those giant sushi boats I see at the Japanese kitchenware stores. Now here's a perfect use for one!!!

And look at all the fun supplies and furnishings for your table-top retreat!

Keep this store in mind the next time you visit the Center Stage Gallery. Support your local small business --and enjoy some inspiration from nature and nurturing types. We all need a little TLG! (tender, loving, gardens)

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