Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Animal" benefit art exhibition at Gnomon Gallery May 1st - June 12th (UPDATED 5/15)

Got to attend the Friday night May 1st opening for "Animal" -- an art exhibition at Gnomon School Gallery.

This show of animal and creature art will be on view at the Gallery on the Gnomon campus through June 12th. There was also a series of lectures by the featured artists the next day: See the entire list of artists on this link

Gallery proceeds from this exhibit will be donated to the California Wildlife Center.

Enjoyed touring the exhibit and hearing the artists describing their work to colleagues. In photo below, featured artist Terryl Whitlatch is chatting about her work with Claire Wendling. Claire was not part of the show --- she attended the event while she was in town.
Here's a view of some of Terryl's images in the show...
These works below by artist Lauren Austin attracted a lot of attention.

Artwork by Jonathan Kuo was featured on the brochure for the exhibit...
 3-D pieces are by Neville Page

The Gallery is right next to some classroom lab spaces .. Guests were welcome to wander in and see the student artists at work ... on computer

And in the sculpture studio...

This opening was free and open to the public .. and there were a number of leading artists in the crowd, along with artists whose work was included in the exhibit.
 What an amazing opportunity to speak with headliner talent in such an informal setting.
 The featured artist guests and friends asked Claire (far left) to join them in this post-event photo op.
The school has open house events several times a year ... along with Gallery shows and lectures. Can't get to the campus?? They also have DVD courses and on-line options. Never stop learning about your art. It makes everything better.

More info on the Gnomon website:

NEW LINK ADDED 5/15 -- great photos of the exhibit on this link to Manuel Carrasco's blog post for Expedition Art ...

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