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Behind the Scenes at Wendling visit to SNB May 9, 2015, UPDATED 5/28 with links to sites by and about Claire Wending

Claire Wendling lived in the Los Angeles area during her stint at Warner Bros feature animation. She speaks fondly of her love of California .. the sunshine .. the beaches. During her time in California this year, she did get to see some of this...

Though we had some much-needed rain during her stay and the sunshine didn't always cooperate ... Claire brings her own magic to any appearance...While she was taking in the sights at the Pier, she got to see a seal in the surf!....
And she delighted the crowds on hand for her signings. Including this one at the Stuart Ng Books store...
This special day had the full SNB crew on hand --- Mark, Jim, Don, and Amber ..
 .. and we even had Mary back for a day!
SNB pal Paul Choy .. in action below with camera.. got lots of great photos. You can see them on the Stuart Ng Books Facebook  page:
The pictures here on this post were all taken my me..
Many of the visitors that day were artists... and I wasn't surprised to see lots of drawing going on .. and sketchbooks being shared...
 There were some Wendling originals on display ... along with books and prints...

This signing was an all-day affair, which allowed more time to visit with the attendees and also to schedule breaks for the artist. Other signings at venues like convention booths and after a public lecture or panel are more intense affairs. The SNB location in Torrance is just off the freeway between LAX and Long Beach airports ... but it's not a central hub near schools or studios. That's a downside of our site --- but there are benefits too, like the coastal climate and South Bay dining and amenities. The more relaxed pace of a small store signing, with the calmer schedule and the crowd at dispersed throughout the day, was a contrast to the typical signing where folks get funneled through during a tight time slot.
During her short stay in California, Wendling has been able to appear at a varietyof events, meet many fans, and experience different types of signings to compare with her appearances in Europe.

Watching Claire Wendling draw was perhaps the biggest event of her SNB appearances... both at the store and at her table at the Big Wow convention. So amazing to see....

Thank you Claire from all your fans here ....


More art and news directly from Claire Wendling via her Facebook page

and Tumblr
For links above on Facebook and Tumblr, items there are posted by Claire herself!

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