Saturday, May 2, 2015

Get Inspired -- wearable art reference from Fire and Bone

Following the Big Wow convention, I met up with artist pal Steph Laberis who took me to a wonderful Natural History store .. The Bone Room

Among the many treasures there, I was agog over these accurate animal skulls as jewelry... from a company called Fire and Bone
 Holy cats! These are digitally captured skulls. From their website: "Each and every Fire & Bone skull began life as a real animal skull. Using cutting-edge 3D scanners we bring an exact copy of that skull into the digital realm. It is here that we scale the skull down to size before bringing it back into the physical world."
 Read more about the process here:
Each skull comes in a box with info about the skull on the outside... and inside there is a nifty display stand...
 How do you choose??? I got the Horse, Giraffe; Lion; and articulated Dire Wolf. Collect them all !

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