Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Business Lesson for the Day -- All Cards are Business Cards (Revised 5/6/15)

Greeting cards are an artist's best friend. Prints are popular too... but not as practical. Don't underestimate the potential of offering cards as well as prints at your table or via your online store.

Cards are fun to send .. to receive .. and to collect. They are affordable art. Who wants to just get bills in the mail??? A lovely image on a card does more than just sell the card ... it can help create awareness for the artist. Note how the back of the greeting card above is used to convey the title of the work and a brief biography of the artist.

Be sure to do the same with the cards you sell on-line or at your table ... You can also display a few cards inside decorative frames... helps show how the card image can make a great gift idea!

Sending a card is more then sending news or holiday greetings. A card is a way to share art and artists you love with friends and family. Cards are great items to shop for when you are on holiday. They are easy to pack and you'll find images not seen in the typical greeting card stores. Great places to shop for cards include stationary stores, art supply stores and museum gift shops. A trip to an art or crafts fair is a fun way to combine an excursion with card shopping  .. and of course artist alley areas at comic conventions. 

This lovely image....  "Water's Edge, Giverny, France" by Karl Albert Buehr (American 1866-1952)....   is from a blank greeting card I found in a stationary store in the San Francisco bay area.

Cards are often offered as membership or contribution incentives for museums, non-profits and foundations. One of my favorite non-profits is Bat Conservation Intl 
and I was charmed when this greeting card arrived as a "thank you" for my membership. Another bonus: art by Edward Gorey .. and a sweet tribute to the artist, along with thanks to his foundation for continuing his legacy of support for bats. The card is blank inside and came with an envelope. What a nifty idea!

This insert along with the card explained its arrival ... and helped tie the upcoming Mother's Day holiday to the conservation efforts regarding Bracken Cave....
Note to artists .. when you offer cards at your table at conventions .. or via  your website or on-line store... make sure the back of your card has all your contact information! Include some biographical information .. or share the story behind the image. Let your cards help promote you and your art. Be sure your name is clearly visible .. with a font that is easy to read. It's not enough to just have a signature on the image. Help your cards help you get the recognition your hard work has earned you!

 Plus .. you can add a bonus image with stamps!

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