Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Art Ed -- Samsung Slate reviewed by artist Julia Lundman, link to post on her blog

Visual Development artist Julia Lundman has a terrific blog that I've featured here before. Her most recent post is her detailed review of her experience with the Samsung Slate. Julia kindly gave me permission to cross post link and info on this very educational post.

Here's her intro to the post...

"For a while now I've been sketching around town using my iPad. I like using a tablet for sketching when I am in situations where I cannot bring my usual pastel kit or oil painting kit for plein air studies. The iPad is light weight, fits in my bag, and can be whipped out without questions or funny looks just about anywhere......"

And her parameters for her search for new option...

"Given my quest and budget, I identified what I'd like in a tablet and then set out to find one. 
I wanted these attributes:

between $300 - $600 max
light weight and slim
good battery life 
can run Photoshop
stylus with a thin and more precise tip, and good response with no lagging
Best Options:
Wacom's Cintiq Companion, $2000
Microsoft Surface Pro, starting at $800
Samsung Slate, a retired line which can be purchased new or refurbished around $450-550 on Amazon Marketplace. (I've seen it even cheaper on eBay and B&H Photo)

I know there are other tablets, but many of them get poor reviews, so I narrowed my choices down to the three listed above. After a lot of research & recommendations from friends, I opted for the Samsung Slate." 

This is her photo of the iPad (on left) and the Slate for comparison.

This is photo of the Slate

Her post is full of photos and tips... here's the link:

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