Friday, June 28, 2019

Indie art "in the wild" -- Lili Chin licensed art

Had to kill 20 minutes between errands, so I walked over to a local "Home Goods" store. Browsing there, I spotted licensed art by the amazing Lili Chin. Check out these cozy blankets — each with a nice big branded label giving her credit. Lili’s Doggie Drawings brand continues to grow.

So much of indie art life today is about branding... educating fans... and fighting unauthorized commercial use by others of artist-owned Intellectual Property (IP).

Lili has successfully fought back from art theft cases large and small. Several of these battles have been discussed here on the blog.

She also posts free, educational info graphics on artists rights
and on pet behavior issues.

 I especially love her "Hello Offleash Dogs" booklet about space etiquette.

Artists rights...and animal behavior education.. are subjects Lili Chin is passionate and knowledgeable about. Her info graphics are made in consultation with experts in these fields.

Best of all.. Lili continues to thrive, create.. and license her art for legit use by suppliers.

It's always exciting to see indie art "in the wild" ... especially when you know it's licensed by the artist to that vendor.

Artists deserve credit and compensation. Buy direct from artists to purchase with confidence. Be wary of anonymous content sites like Tee Spring, and other third party sellers that sell on big platforms (Amazon etc). These sites are notorious for stealing art to make merch -- robbing customers and creators. If an artist has a legit site on Red Bubble, Etsy etc., you should find a link from their own website or social media center.

Lili's website has lots of cool merch you can buy direct from her:

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