Thursday, June 20, 2019

"Into the Spider-Verse" artists discuss vital role of books and research in interview on Bancroft Bros podcast

Stuart Ng Books is a long time sponsor of the Bancroft Bros podcast. Tom and Tony Bancroft are former Disney pros who have had long careers in art and animation. Each episode of their lively podcast is brimming with tips on making it in animation. Scan the episode summaries to see interviews with leading artists. Check out the "Hash it Out" segments to hear the Bros. share opinions on current topics and art-life advice.

In this June 14, 2019 episode, Tony talks with two creative forces behind the recent smash success "Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse." The interview with Shiyoon Kim and Jihyun Park takes you behind the scenes into this fresh and exciting film. Plus, Tony gets these artists talking about what they are working on now and what inspires them in their art.

The most important point they repeat several times throughout the interview is the value of research. Not just knowing the current tends. You need to dig deep into the past. Learning how previous masters worked -- and who influenced the icons of illustration and animation -- are the best places to get inspired today.

At 12 mins into this episode you can learn about an abandoned Disney project based on the work of Ronald Searle. Even better, you can learn how a version of the look conceived for the Searle-inspired film was used in the end credits of a recent Disney hit.

At 49 mins into the episode Tony, Shiyoon and Jihyun discuss their love for the Famous Artists School art instruction courses. These correspondence school courses, published in the 1940s and 50s, are now vital reference material highly prized by leading artists today. Listen to learn how Stuart Ng Books is connected to this discussion... and best of all.. learn about the even rarer Famous Artist Advanced Courses. Plus there is a nice shout out to the SNB store, and all the fantastic Japanese food in Torrance. (Torrance is the home to national headquarters for Honda, and was the national HQ for Toyota as well for many years... which helped launch a thriving community of Japanese and Asian shops, restaurants and cultural events in and around Torrance)

You can find more info on the Famous Artists Advanced Courses at this link from the Stuart Ng Books website. On the website link you will be able to hold your cursor over the image of this title page pictured below to enlarge it for better viewing:

The SNB website also lists several individual titles of the Famous Artists School Advanced courses.

Here's a link for the June 14th Bancroft Bros podcast episode
and a description from the Bancroft Bros podcast website

Animation Podcast #123 – Designing Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse with Shiyoon Kim and Jihyun Park

In this episode, Tony goes it alone while in Italy for ETNA Comic Con with special guests Shiyoon Kim and Jihyun Park. This man and wife team literally helped design Sony’s Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse. Shiyoon as the lead character designer and Jihyun as storyboard artist. Besides Spidey action, hear how young love budded in college, how Shiyoon proposed and how they had a baby while Spider working! This is like an Anime romance! Bam, Bap, Pow! Let’s listen now!

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