Saturday, November 16, 2019

DreamCon - 2019

Studio jobs are career goals for many artists. Studios expect top work from top talent. These jobs come with lots of demands -- including long hours at the office. Studios have come to recognize these sacrifices, and compensate where they can with benefits. Favorites of these include free meals at the studio commissary -- and  artist education and enrichment opportunities.

DreamWorks Animation offers all this, plus a stunningly beautiful campus work environment. The center court water fountain -- and the immense Koi Pond at DreamWorks -- are legendary.

A favorite benefit for DreamWorks artists are on-campus events like the annual 'DreamCon' -- where studio artists enjoy an outdoor art market to display and sell their personal art. This stand-alone event featured different themes over the years. See previous posts on the blog:

For 2019, it merged with the company's annual holiday bazaar. Lots of gift items as well as art on sale.
And of course .. snack stations at several spots...
The long line attested to the popularity of the artisan ice cream from Wanderlust Creamery..
 Wanderlust special menu for this event...
More on the Wanderlust Creamery...

 Entertainment this year was a dance crew who not only performed several sets but also provided live action dance model sketching opportunities.

Thanks to Catherine at DreamWorks for continuing the tradition of inviting Stuart Ng Books to set up and sell books.

With travel, set-up and tear down all in one day, it's a busy time for the SNB support staff. But also super fun to be there, and to enjoy shopping the booths during breaks.

We were also able to share table space with David and Katherine from the Al Hirschfeld  Foundation. They brought along a selection of originals from the one-night show earlier that week...
This allowed artists at DreamWorks  to see and study these originals during the Dreamcon/Bazaar hours.
David recaps Hirschfeld's cultural impact and explains reasons why animators have studied his art for over 80 years in this Hirschfeld Century podcast episode:

The DreamWorks campus comes to life with all the tables of artists... and there are plenty of photo ops...
even some set up for you..
Here are just a few of the booths where I did some shopping..

Tick Tock Gizmos, Diana Grigorian

Octopus bracelet!

Heidi Neunhoffer
I love greeting cards!!! They are mini-art prints to share and send. Heidi had these featuring landmarks from DreamWorks campus.. as well as project "Spirit"

Daisy Edwards
Loved her racks of cool prints! 
Got this vintage-inspired horse print kerchief..
and a set of dinosaur stickers.

Meghan's Jewelry Design
Meghan Sesnie

All the seahorse options at her table caught my eye. Picked up these two bracelets. Lots of treasures on her table at very sweet price points.

Corgis continue their plans to take over the world...
Greeting cards and Corgi gear at the LACorgi table
 Artist's business card was this charming sticker:

I'm no chef.. but I make my share of roasted veggies and have learned the hard way that a good oven mitt is a must-have kitchen tool. Why not have fun ones -- got these mostly as gifts..

Sonia Melinkoff
Nerdy Novetly Design

Got one more purchase (at the Kafuffle booth..
but it's a gift so I'll post pic later...


Here are some more scenes from the end of the day and during the move out. 

So Cal sunset light from the passenger seat of the van on the way home...

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