Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hamilton leads female cast in Terminator: Dark Fate

Full disclosure --- I'm a hard core Sarah Conner fan. 
The first two Terminator films are among my all time favorite action films. I still marvel at Linda Hamilton's transformation of Sarah from coffee shop waitress to Warrior Queen.
Seeing Hamilton/Conner return to the screen in 2019 as a wise, fit and fitting elder in Terminator: Dark Fate was so gratifying. Two moments in particular resonated withe me. But mostly it was just marvelous seeing Linda Hamilton being a bad ass action hero. 
The great gift of this film was that it wasn't just Linda -- there are three great female lead roles. 
While the box office hasn't been too kind, this film deserves better and I'm confident its reputation will grow.

The premiere for this film was cancelled due to wildfires in Southern California. The company donated all the after party catering food to the red cross assisting the fire fighting teams.

See this film for yourself. It's both a call back to the great first two films, and a modern take on who shapes the future. 

How did Hamilton revisit that Sarah Conner level of fitness 30 years later??? Answers in the photos below from "Training for Terminator" article In Style magazine (spoiler alert -- no carbs for 18 mos).

A review and some commentary from the Los Angeles Times.

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