Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marie-Alice Harel ... from PhD to Bird People. An art career takes flight.

I was lucky to meet artist Marie-Alice Harel on my last day at Lightbox Expo. I featured her art here on the blog:

Her first-ever Kickstarter, "Bird People" earned "Project We Love" status from the Kickstarter team. Now this beautiful book will happen. You can order your copy via this link:

I'm not the only one captivated by her art. She's attracted the attention of icons like Claire Wendling and Bobby Chiu.

In the schoolism live interview linked above, you'll learn how Marie-Alice earned a PhD, but quit her science job 3 years ago to become an artist. No art school. Just an amazing work ethic.. and success story. Plus overcoming a health crisis. So inspiring on so many levels. It's wonderful to see her career taking flight...

you can follow her on Instagram

see more art here on her website:

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