Monday, June 22, 2015

Get Inspired -- Anna-Maria Jung and T-shirts 101 UPDATED June 24

Fell in love with this image "League of Extraordinary Scientists" on a t-shirt... and learned the artist is Anna-Maria Jung.

 You can find her on facebook
as Missqueenmob on Deviantart
on tumbr
and online shops like Society 6
and Etsy

She just launched this new t-shirt!!! Talk about shining a light on gal-powered contributions to pop culture....
order it here

She brings so much charm to some of my favorite subjects ..

"Good Times with Science"

"Race of the Patronuses"

Her image"The Captains Fall" is an outstanding example of looking at familiar things (or classic images) in a new way..

She not only posts images on all sorts of social media platforms .. she's  monetizing her art and make it available as t-shirts, prints, totes etc...

Best of all.. she shares her experience in these ventures!

As of June 22, she has 4 posts up in her on-going series about licensing and t-shirts up right now on her blog "My Pocket-Universe" Here is her list of the topics so far:

Article series about licensing and shirts

As soon as I learned about this series, via a post on her Facebook page, I saw the potential to share her valuable insights with others. I contacted her to get her permission, which she granted right away,  to share links to her blog post ...

Thank you Anna-Maria Jung for sharing so much .. and empowering fellow indie artists with your example and experience.

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