Friday, June 26, 2015

Get Inspired -- Gal powered animation pioneers

Equality in focus today with landmark decision from US Supreme Court. Big change often arrives after a long journey of very small, very slow steps... but its refreshing to reach milestones. The more inclusive we can be, the more we all learn and appreciate about each other.
In that light, I'm sharing here a link to a post on the Animation World Network website. It highlights a series of animation shorts created to recognize these female animation pioneers:
These shorts were created by students at the Gobelins (art) school in France
for the 2015 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.
Here are photos of the artists featured .. along with an image from the short film about them.. I've also included links for more biographical info on these artists.

Mary Blair
Alison De Vere
Claire Parker
Evelyn "Eve" Lambert
 and Charlotte (Lotte) Reiniger
Take a look at at these shorts to see how today's animators created tributes to leaders in their field. Talent is not defined by gender....

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