Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Long-time exhibitors at SDCC Comic Con 2019 (and other cons)... UPDATED 7.18.19

Longtime SDCC exhibitors -- some with 20+ years like Stuart. Special props to William Stout who has exhibited at Comic Con since the first show!!!

William Stout (with Stuart at SNB Torrance store Jan 2019) is at booth 4803

John Nevarez -- F3
Bill Robinson -- Booth 4615
Ryan Odagawa -- Artist Alley FF-04. Snaps to Ryan for personalizing this image with his location, some artwork, and his website name. Make these profile pics work for you. Don't make it work for fans to know your full name, location, an image and contact info.
On 7.18.19, Ryan posted this photo below of his artist alley table, with table number visible. Pics like this are super helpful for fans trying to get to artists they want to see. 

Stephen Silver -- H6

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