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Stuart Ng Books Comic Con 2019 update --Olivier Vatine; High Moon; Mignola book

This link with tips on SDCC for first-timers has been making the rounds on FB:

More on SNB at SDCC 2019 from Stuart's most recent email newsletter..
Get his newsletter directly via this link from the SNB website:

UPDATE 7.17.19 -- Photo of the booth by Stuart Ng

It is our 21st year exhibiting at SDCC. When we first exhibited in 1998, it was before the convention center's expansion and there were only Halls A-B-C. Now all anyone talks about is Hall H.

We will be in our usual location at San Diego Comic-Con in Hall G: Booth 5012. But the booth will have a very different look. Don't walk past and miss us! I don't know whether to call this year's booth old school, or retro, but it is basic. However the books and the artists have always been the stars at my booth and they will shine this year as brightly as any other.

I will be at the booth Thursday-Sunday afternoons from 3pm to closing if anyone needs to see me.

Olivier Vatine is making his very first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year. His graphic novel Niourk is nominated for an Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material. The Eisner Awards Ceremony will be Friday night at SDCC.

Olivier will be at our booth #5012:
Friday., July 19, from 3pm to 6pm
Saturday., July 20, from 4pm to 6pm

Olivier will be signing his books and prints (likely with a dedicace/sketch), original art, and accepting on-site commissions (the latter as his convention schedule permits).

In 2008, a group of Walt Disney Feature Animation's Story Artists challenged themselves to create their own comic stories that they would self-publish as an anthology and sell at San Diego Comic-Con. That anthology of comic book stories Who is Rocket Johnson?was a great success and led to What is Torch Tiger? (2009), and Where is Dead Zero?(2012).

And now in the long awaited fourth volume in their comics anthology series, 44 Disney Animation artists attempt to answer the question... When is High Moon?

Among the contributors are a number of friends and artists whose books we carry or have carried, including John Musker, Jeff Ranjo, Brittney Lee, Brian Kesinger, Griz & Norm, Lorelay Bove, Paul Felix, Sunmee Joh, David Pimentel....

Mike Mignola's new sketchbook Hellboy 25 Years will be for sale at Mike's booth at San Diego Comic-Con, but if you are unable to make it to Comic-Con, you can order it from us. Mike will not be selling these online himself, but he has reserved 100 copies for us to make available for his fans unable to attend the con.

If you emailed us about the Hellboy Sketchbook, you should have received an email from us last Friday with the order link.

We have taken all the orders from the folks who asked to be notified and we have some copies left. You can email and we will send you the order link.

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