Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Where to find artists who aren't exhibiting at SDCC Comic Con 2019 - Updated 7.18.19

Some artists who can't make it to the show let their fans know they can find their books at the SNB booth. Thanks Brianne Drouhard for this nice shout out and info image.Many artists who exhibit at SDCC don't want to do mail order sales. They let SNB handle sales of their books after conventions. The weeks AFTER comic con are hectic for SNB as they process these con sketchbooks as quickly as possible to get them on the website and make them available to fans worldwide.

Some artists aren't exhibiting, but you can find them at panels or autograph sessions or signings.

Creature designer icon Terryl Whitlatch will be signing at SDCC Comic Con 2019 on Saturday only.
She be signing copies of this new edition of her Katurran Odyssey book on Saturday from 2-2:30 PM  at the Design Studio Press booth (1701)

This note on the book is from Ms. Whitlatch's Facebook page:
 "The Katurran Odyssey (re-release is) completely color remastered. It's a fully illustrated epic tale that takes place on the planet Katurrah, in which there are no humans, but is completely inhabited by's a cinematic novel--the major spreads are in film aspect ratio, and in layout and pacing, bridges the gap between illustration and film--pure conceptual visual design, while the text acts as narration...Hope to see you there!"

 Susan Lee and other women creators were on this lively, timely, and always popular panel.

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