Saturday, July 20, 2019

Vatine at SNB; Whitlatch at Design Studio Press -- signing Saturday only SDCC Comic Con 2019

Since everybody goes to SDCC, chances are an artist you follow is making an appearance there. Some are listed in the official comic con program guide. Many are smaller, more personal signing events at exhibitor booths or the artist's table. Don't miss out!

Here are two signings today for industry icons  --

Olivier Vatine
Signing at the Stuart Ng Books booth (5012)
Saturday 4PM - 6PM
SNB was the first to import several popular titles by this artist:

Saturday July 20th is your last chance to see artist Olivier Vatine at his first ever SDCC Comic Con appearance:
Details below from Stuart's email newsletter.
Sign up for the newsletter here:

"Olivier Vatine will be making his very first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year. His graphic novel Niourk is nominated for an Eisner Award for Best U.S. Edition of International Material. The Eisner Awards Ceremony will be Friday night at SDCC.
Olivier will be at our booth #5012: 

Saturday., July 20, from 4pm to 6pm
Olivier will be signing his books and prints (likely with a dedicace/sketch), original art, and accepting on-site commissions (the latter as his convention schedule permits)."

Terryl Whitlatch
Signing at the DESIGN STUDIO PRESS booth (1701) 
Saturday 2 - 2:30 PM
Terryl Whitlatch is a renowned feature film creature designer and paleoartist/scientific illustrator. She has given lectures at conventions, museums, studios, universities and has been a panelist at the famous international Schoolism workshops (and she's a long time friend of Stuart Ng Books).

She's featured in several of the most frequently viewed posts here on the blog. This is just one:

Ms. Whitlatch be signing copies of the new edition of her Katurran Odyssey book   (you can scroll through full page images from the book at this link)

Quote below on the book is from Ms. Whitlatch's Facebook page:
 "The Katurran Odyssey (re-release is) completely color remastered. It's a fully illustrated epic tale that takes place on the planet Katurrah, in which there are no humans, but is completely inhabited by's a cinematic novel--the major spreads are in film aspect ratio, and in layout and pacing, bridges the gap between illustration and film--pure conceptual visual design, while the text acts as narration...Hope to see you there!"

these two pictures below are from Google images:

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