Wednesday, July 17, 2019

So many artist friends at SDCC Comic Con 2019. Shop them all! -- UPDATED 7.24.19

SDCC exclusive Flat Bonnie plush at the Giant Robot booth (1729)
Other Flat Bonnie hand made item at DKE Toys at SDCC
From Flat Bonnie Facebook page:
"Chewbactus are adoptable at DKEToys (booth 2643) at San Diego Comic-Con.
(🚀Flat Millennium Falcon not included - Jawa got it already)

Can't make it to SDCC?
You can email DKE Toys for waitlist! 🤓"
Flat Bonnie social media update 7.21.19 reminded attendees about "mystery color" item. Frequent posts and incentives like "con exclusives" help priortize your art and merch for followers...
This is the text from the Flat Bonnie Post:
"Mini Jackalopes say HELLO from SDCC!
Did you find all 3 + 1 mystery color?
We dropped off some more Mini Jackalopes at Giant Robot (Booth 1729).
*Don't run, but super fast power-walk to their booth if you are at SDCC this weekend! 

I don't know Gemma Correll personally -- but love her art -- and the way she posts all the places to find her at SDCC...
Christie Shinn (HoraTora Studios) Small Press E-7. She posted several images on social media to promote her location and merch at SDCC! great job!

Publisher/author/podcast host Russell Nohelty at Wannabe Press -- Small Press K3 
Can't be everywhere promoting your booth while at SDCC. Enlist your friends and colleagues. This text and pics shared by Zac Skellington Conley:
"Zac Skellington Conley is with Russell Nohelty in San Diego, California.
1 hr · 
I'm sitting in our car loading these little Bee US
B'S with stories and artwork for you. I was given a bunch of these little USB's by Wannabe Press so I thought I would share that amazing gift with you. I'm leaving these all over San Diego for you to find. If you are at the convention, check out Wannabe Press' booth ----> SP-K3"

Mary Zorilita Bellamy. Small Press N4
Sho Murase -- Artist's Alley HH-21
UPDATE 7-18-19, Sho just announced on social media that she will NOT be at SDCC this year.
Sho is a favorite artist of high profile companies such as DC and Disney. These are not "fan art" images. Sho is part of that tier of professional artists who are hired by these companies to produce works of company-owned characters in the artists own unique style. Sadly... this rights issue is not clearly communicated to customers and fans. 

Benton Jew -- Artist's Alley DD-23 (2 pics below are from his FB page)
Love to see a profile pic like this, with sample image and con location!

UPDATE 7.24.19 -- Benton wins the multi-media Artists Alley star award this year... with lots of update photos during the show, plus this podcast link.

I listened to the podcast while doing a mandatory workout. Podcasts add an educational element to necessary exercise. In my case, it's due to a chronic medical condition. For artists, you have to be mindful of long hours of drawing (and sitting) taking a toll on your health. Be proactive now, so you can be productive for years!. The audio is a little rough for the first half. Guest Tim Burgard has to leave about half-way through the episode, so starting around the 40 min mark the rest of the episode is all Benton Jew. At the 56 min mark he starts addressing the need for up-and-coming artists to be "intellectually curious" about the art field they want to pursue. This means knowing the names and contributions of artists in that field. Studying older films. He drops some powerful truths about the need to be literate in film language if you hope to be speaking with directors and other top tier behind-the-lens talent. Listen to him on this episode. Study the films he references. They are essentials! 

and a video interview on You Tube! Benton mentions learning to draw by studying past artist icons like Andrew Loomis and Stan Drake. Don't know their work? Learn from visiting the SNB website or store.
(below is Benton's screen credit from WB feature film "Wonder Woman")
Amber Harris Artist's Alley CC-09

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