Thursday, August 21, 2008

daily brew 8/21 (highlights)

Here are highlights from 8/21

In the coffee pot for Thursday 8/21: Lion coffee Supreme Roast Special Blend Medium (something different tomorrow).

FRESH SCOOP FROM THE BREW: Our back-order item TRAVIS CHAREST SPACEGIRL vol 1 arrived 8/19!!!! Details in Stuart's email update sent 8/20 to the email list :)

Update on re-stock: There Will Be Books... Our showroom will be open Saturday 8/23 from noon - 4PM. Eric Goldberg will be signing from 2PM - 4PM. While our re-stock order of his books still isn't here yet (SNAFU as usual :), we have a "back-up" supply of books due to arrive Friday. (cut to: the ticking clock under my chair, did that thing just get louder?) Stay tuned...

Peggy has a week off starting Monday, so starting today you'll see a wave of new pics and details on the New Arrivals page. The usual pattern is for new books to show up on the "New Arrivals" page first. Then they are moved to their appropriate area (import; artist sketchbook etc). So if you see something on "new arrivals" one day, and it's gone the next day, that doesn't mean we're sold out.... just look for it in the section.

Check out the following sketchbooks (brought to us at the showroom by the artists themselves:) Justin Sweet "Droar 2". Cynthia Ignacio and Mindy Lee's collaborative project "Rock God Opera". John & Shelley Loter "Good Girl/Bad Girl" book and their new comic "Supa-rilllas." Regarding the new book from Justin Ridge, "Flavor 1:0": it's a two-fer book you flip over; one half of the book is Justin; the other half is Hey-Jung Kim. What a deal! Our copies are signed by BOTH artists.

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