Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Your Science Lesson for today: Pizza and the USPS?

You shouldn't need a degree in rocket science to calculate the odds of a book surviving a trip in the US mail, but maybe ....when you consider some of the choices OTHERS make when shipping books. What are they thinking???? Here at SNB we do not ship in "padded envelopes" or used pizza boxes (yes, that's a USED frozen pizza box that was used to ship a book to us via USPS Media Mail, INSURED!!)

Oh, the things we see behind the scenes....these are just a few examples of the heartbreak of poor packing. We get shipments like this on a weekly basis.
We know how it feels to have a valuable book ruined by careless shipping. We would never do this to you!

We hand pack your books and ship in sturdy containers. We protect all four corners and sides of your books. We put your books in the center of the box, and pad with appropriate material to prevent shifting during handling. Our shipping is labor intensive and motivated by love.
Just for the record, USPS stands for US Postal Service.. not U-Ship Pizza Surplus.

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dallas said...

If only they had used more duct tape this could have been avoided. If you use enough of it, it will render the package virtually indestructible to perils of the Post Office process. Except, it makes it really, really hard to open.