Sunday, August 17, 2008

SNB Booth at SDCC 2008

Here's a hint at what it takes to bring you 50 feet of books at SDCC.... it takes these special members of our SNB family to make it possible..... Brandon, Long, Paul, John, Mary, Katrina, Peggy, Don, Joel, Mark, Steve, Eric C, Hawaiian Dave, our interns John & Eric..... these are are people who help us bring you the books, build the booth, and tear it down at the end of the show. Their backs and arms load the truck and move the books from boxes to the shelves and display areas. Thanks also to our many friends who help us staff the booth during show hours. Stuart designs the entire layout of the booth on the computer and to scale on grid paper. It's all about the love folks...... and doing our part to improve world peace through a mutual appreciation of imported and exported sketchbooks!

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