Saturday, August 2, 2008

please comment on our cozy alley at comic con

We had a new booth design at Comic Con this year (described in one visitor's blog as "the cozy alley of Stuart Ng Books"). Please share your feedback on the changes.
Last year, everyone was pummeled by backpacks and oversized bags while trying to look at the books. Our goal with the new bag check-in and layout was to improve your browsing experience inside the space. By limiting the access when the booth got crowded, we were trying to keep the interior booth area comfortable and keep the cashiers from getting too backed up. We have some ideas for next year on how to improve the traffic flow and simplify the bag check. Several patrons asked if we had the same size booth as last year. The answer is, yes, we had the same 5 booth set up. However, this year we went vertical with the wire grid. This allowed us to display artwork and a raised shelf of books. Also, with the grid, we were able to eliminate one of the rows of tables, which made the interior aisle of the booth wider. Finally, Tina Price and Rik Maki at Digital or Not were kind enough to host our guest artist signings at their end-cap booth, so we didn't have to re-arrange our set-up for each signing like in years past. Stuart kills himself designing these layouts... with to scale diagrams and doing a dress rehearsal set-up of the booth in our office so he can take pictures on how to lay out all the sketchbooks on the tables. We tear down all the shelves, tables and other fixtures from our office and re-build them in the booth, which is one of the reasons we're behind on emails this week, as we are restoring the office and trying to resume regular operations ASAP.

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Sara S. said...

Gee, can't wait to see the pix and hear some more details.