Friday, August 8, 2008

get inspired: visit "Tugley Woods" Disney history

At our showroom, or our booth at conventions, artists gather to look at the books and start talking with each other and Stuart about the images, the artists, and what inspires them. You can't help it.... just by being there, you become part of this terrific exchange of information.

I hope to share these educational opportunities with you here on the blog via these posts titled "Get Inspired."

As a longtime book collector, one of the things I miss about the pre-internet days (the list is long, don't get me started), is the learning that went along with building your library. It's not just about acquiring titles you already know about. It's easy to point, click and find a title these days, but as a collector and artist, you really miss out if you don't understand the history behind the artists and images that attract you. With the subject of all things Disney, there's a wealth of resources, and lots to learn too!

Here's a treat for Disney fans...

I've just learned about a terrific blog from Jim Fanning, a writer and Disney historian (thanks to the Loters for this tip :)

here's the link:

Here's info from Jim's introduction:

"You’ve wandered into the topsy-turvy world of Tulgey Wood, the blog of writer and historian Jim Fanning. Tulgey Wood celebrates artistry and creativity (and sometimes just plain madness): movies, animation, TV, books, comics—and of course Disney, lots and lots of true-blue, through-and-through Disney, including Sketches Magazine and the Walt Disney Collectors Society. Tulgey Wood is so fun, fascinating and full of frolicsome photos and facts, it’s scary. So wander through the wonder of it all, and enjoy. "

On Jim's blog right now, terrific info on one of my favorite artists, Mary Blair. Jim's blog also has an amazing list of recommended blogs and websites.

So go get inspired (but come back here soon :)

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