Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Paris 2020 (7 of 12) -- Notre Dame and the oldest tree in Paris UPDATED 2.20.20

The fire of April 2019 was a horror none of us could imagine. Thankfully, the structure survived, along with a number of artifacts and the most amazing miracle of all... with no injuries or loss of life.

Notre Dame was a place I always visited on every trip to Paris. It had been there forever. Seeming unchanging. This is a photo I took in 2016 from a park across the street...

Here's Notre Dame from the same park in 2020

So now is different --  but the crowds still gather. There is a sense of loss, but an even stronger feeling of hope.

The building is an enclosed construction site now. One wall of the fence has a long narrative (in French and English) of the fire and reconstruction process with lots of photos.

 This park across the street...
 Is home to the oldest Tree in France...

The tree has been there since 1601.
It has an epic view of Notre Dame..
If only the tree could talk... of course it would speak French....
 The tree requires support structures now... 400 years will do that to you, even if you are a tree...

 More on the tree here:

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