Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bronze Animals, Lazy Daisy Cafe & Oscar's home in Beverly HIlls (POST UPDATED 10/23)

Stuart and I were at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for the Mary Blair panel on Oct 20th. Here's the exterior of the Academy building:

We also found a wonderful little cafe on Wilshire.. right across the street.. perfect for a casual bite to eat! It's called the Lazy Daisy Cafe and I highly recommend it.

Super yummy, healthy food; lots of choices and the price was right too! http://www.lazydaisybeverlyhills.com/

After our meal, we walked around the neighborhood. Los Angeles isn't known as a pedestrian friendly city... which is a shame as there are lots of lovely neighborhoods (not just Beverly Hills)... and you never know what you might miss when you drive everywhere.... like a tall giraffe among the palm trees...

Here's the sight that made us cross the street. Yep... it's a front yard full of life-sized bronze wildlife...
There's this odd greeting on the gate..
And more than one white tiger within...
pretty amazing!

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