Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get Inspired - the story of a book (SKETCHTRAVEL), part 1 (NOW WITH VIDEO)

I've discussed before here on the blog how horses inspire and challenge artists. It's a theme that resonates very strongly with me because I love stories about what inspires the best in people. This post is part one of a story that involves artists and a VERY SPECIAL BOOK, over 4 years in the making... and its journey isn't over yet....(the book isn't about horses, I just like this image of partnership :) NOW IT CAN BE TOLD.. the book is SKETCHTRAVEL!
There is a story behind every book in our inventory. A book can inspire creativity.... even a journey. I've seen people gasp with delight when I put a book in their hands. I hear the story of how they've searched for years for the book... and I tell them what I can about the copy we have. People tell me their frustrations when an out-of-print book is eluding them. I can assure them from experience that there is hope. My mantra is: "Your copy will find you." I've seen it happen... and when we get to be part of that moment, it's a great feeling to provide that service.

Whatever your occupation or interest......we're all at our best when what we "do" allows us to help others.

SKETCHTRAVEL inspired this post... This month, this extraordinary book concluded one part of its journey with a generous act..... of giving. Sold at auction.. the book project raised over $100,00. Click below to play animated "trailer" of the project:

Sketchtravel trailer ENGLISH from Sketchtravel.tv on Vimeo.

With the holidays approaching, it's a great time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. Giving presents is one way of giving back..... and books make great gifts... but if you're feeling overwhelmed with "stuff," there are other options.

Consider supporting a cause with a contribution (or gift donation in the name of a friend or loved one). Perhaps one of these organizations might be a good fit for your holiday giving this year:

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