Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get Inspired - Artists from Printers Fair 2011, UPDATED 10/3

So many inspiring artists exhibiting at the Printers Fair. There's no way I could see everyone with the limited time I had. Click on the image below to enlarge and see additional items that caught my eye....

Check out the websites/contact info for these and other artists I visited at the fair -- a great way to enjoy an "on-line" version of browsing the fair:

Vintage image greeting cards:
Yesterday's Best

One of the most beautiful bat designs I've ever seen:
(and I've belonged to Bat Conservation Intl ( since before Tim Burton's Batman :)

Love your pet?? See how this studio is inspired by a French Bulldog:

"People can have chemistry.. in fact we're made of elements"
Above lyric from my song about the periodic table, below website for pretty, witty cards

Moving, dream-based block prints (I loved the sailing ship above! It's from an edition of 30, 15 of which were sent to Inkteraction for a print exchange, according the the artist Poli Marichal)

Phases of the moon calendar as a spiral, evoking a Nautilus shell image

Cards with sealife, hawaii references and lots more

Nuts about squirrels, koi & bats, so I loved these boxed cards with charming designs

Cool print of a slightly angry cat pushing a grocery cart... gift for my cat friend!

and if you love smartly organized flip-boxes of beautiful original paper print images & ads, check out "Bungalow Blonde" Margo Essman, exhibiting monthly at the Long Beach Flea Market ( or on Ebay at bungalowbondie1

Visit these sites and support your artistic community!


Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!
Papermum Press

Poli Marichal said...

Hi Amy:

I really appreciate your nice comments! I love your blog!Long live printmaking!

Best regards,

Poli Marichal