Friday, October 21, 2011

Mary Blair panel - here are my notes...UPDATED 10/31

Stuart and I attended the Mary Blair panel held Oct 20, 2011 at Motion Picture Academy. SNB team members Don & Matthew also attended.

My 3 Mary Blair posts are here to share the experience with you. Photos were NOT allowed at the event, so I've used Google images to add similar pictures where possible. I've also included links to clips on You Tube for the film clips that were shown or referred to during the panels.

Best known for her work on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland, the 'art & flair of Mary Blair' (to borrow the title from John Canemaker's book) was a profound influence. Here's a You Tube clip that animates some Mary Blair Concept art:

Special tribute Oct 21st on Google... for what would have been Blair's 100th birthday.

(Oct 4th posts here on blog has list of panel members. Here is link to LA Times article prior to panel:)

The Academy has posted its video of the panel:
My posts here are not meant to be a documentary of the event..... these notes are impressions of the moments that linger with me from the event and that I might tell you about the panel if we discussed it at our showroom or a convention... ENJOY!
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