Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Get Inspired - the story of Sketchtravel part 2

Sometimes an ending is really a beginning....

The photo above shows Daisuke "Dice" Tsutsumi and Hayao Miyazaki. Below is a stunning mini-movie from Sketchtravel.tv... it tells the story of the ending of the original Sketchtravel book's 4 and half year journey. The completion of the physical book, was also the beginning of its transformation...Click below to view this (not so final) chapter....

The end of the Journey - EN from Sketchtravel.tv on Vimeo.

Below is photo of original Sketchtravel book wooden case ...

The original book sas auctioned on Oct 17th. The auction (of original book + additional signed material) realized over $100,000US to benefit the charity Room to Read. (http://www.roomtoread.org/)

A special "aloha & mahalo" to Dice Tsutsumi for his many years of work and for achieving so many wonderful goals with this charity project. And thanks to all the artists who participated. Talk about inspiring!

The original book passed through the hands of a long list of contributors...

But before it was auctioned off.... it became the source for a published version so the drawings... and the mission of the book.. could continue. Now the published book can travel into the hands of artists, students, educators and collectors. Right now copies of the published version of the book --- complete with all the drawings! -- are making their journey to Stuart Ng Books for YOU! Watch for updates on the Stuart Ng Books website!

That's right.... for your convenience, we will soon be providing copies of this imported item via our website or in person. You can order with confidence and pay with familiar options. With mail order via the Stuart Ng Books website, your copy will shipped in a timely manner from our supply at our California showroom, and properly packaged so it arrives undamaged.

We have a special US debut planned for Sketchtravel! More details coming soon. (UPDATE NOV 4th - THE BOOKS HAVE FINISHED THEIR SEA VOYAGE, CLEARED THE PORT, AND ARE ON THE ROAD & DUE TO ARRIVE PRIOR TO CTNX Nov 18th - 20th). I will be posting updates as the books pass through their final stops to reach us here in Torrance, CA... the COUNTDOWN is on :)

Read more about the Sketchtravel project on their official website.

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