Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SNB at APE 2011

Stuart has just returned from APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco. This convention is devoted to self-published and independent comics. Here's this year's program cover:

And Stuart's exhibitor listing:
Stuart and Mary manned the booth. (I stayed here to attend the LA Printer's Fair -- Oct 1st posts w/ pics of that event here on the blog). In addition to chatting with patrons and sharing the books we brought... Stuart made the rounds at APE to bring back his picks of wonderful books like these:
These are the titles you'll be seeing soon on our website. But I got a sneak peak at them....
And here on the blog, I'm sharing with YOU some of the books that appealed to me...

This cool book prints complete sketchbook pages... stunning, spontaneous work...

The "ROUND ROBIN" vol 2 is a personal favorite of mine. vol 1 was featured on the blog (see post 11/29/10). The cover for vol 2 is the plain brown paper, I added the postcard of theirs on the top...

And here's a hidden gem Stuart discovered at this show: The Business of Monkeys. Tip to artists: PUT YOUR NAME ON THE COVER OF YOUR SKETCHBOOK.. AND YOUR EMAIL OR WEBSITE ON THE BACK. Make it easy for people associate your name with your art :) Your book's front and back covers are like business cards... make sure your NAME & contact info is right there with these important samples of your art!
There's lots of variety in this book... in most ways, it's a great example of a successful sketchbook.
This artist is Brian Herrick. His name and contact info are inside the book!

Look for these and more APE treasures on our website.

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