Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Horse Show 2011, preview and pics from previous shows

This is the last of the 9 posts for Horse Show 2011. Here's the "before" pics of bucolic Ernie Howlett Park's rolling hills...

and empty arenas.....
and stalls
Sept. 9-11, 2011... you can witness WONDERLAND as this park is transformed into the 54th Annual Portuguese Bend National Horse show!

More info & schedule of events:

I'll be at the show all 3 days... and I'll try to post updates.
Meanwhile, here are some highlights from previous shows:
Every penny you spend at the show goes to charity:
Here's a view of the main arena...
There's a petting zoo and/or pony rides:
The horses competing in the show are housed in temporary stalls set up in the park's parking lot:

The main arena, viewed from the hilltop near the entrance:
Here's fantasy me.....
This is the entrance walkway... after the shuttle bus drops you off, you walk right by the stalls:
Lots of shade to watch the show... bring a blanket to sit on...
Click to enlarge this photo and you'll see that a horse really can smile!
Game booths and bouncers for kids:
One year there was a rock wall. Yes, I climbed it. I had a mind-body yoga connection half way through, where my mind said "STOP NOW! This is crazy" and my body went into survival mode: I just kept climbing till I got to the top, rang the bell and got the heck back down (which was actually rougher on me than the trip up). I'm glad that's off the bucket list :)
Another view of the food tents. There's even a sports bar with drinks & TV!!! (and there are on-site, real restrooms that are cleaned & stocked during the event by horse show volunteers --- not just the usual Port-a-potties -- now that's service!)
Picnic tables under the big tent:
Bring your sketchbook and your family for a day you'll all enjoy! Sea breezes from nearby Palos Verdes cliffs make it a great way to beat the heat... food, fun, shade, horses.. PERFECTION!

And one more thing for artists & art fans:

Just up the hill from the horse show site, continuing south on Hawthorne Blvd, go through the light at Silver Spur and you'll find this bank...

With this AMAZING mural by Millard Sheets. The Sept 2010 issue of the AAA Auto Club's "Westways" Magazine has a big article about the efforts to preserve Millard Sheets' LA Murals.... and a prime example cited in the article is just minutes from the horse show....

Here's a detail w/ Sheets' "signature" in the mosaic.....

Here's the link to the article
Or you can Google "AAA Westways Magazine Millard Sheets"

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