Monday, September 19, 2011

Empty Saddle Club western horse show 2011 - Drafts & Minis

Everywhere you look at an event like this... there are stories in the images around you. Great opportunity to story board your own:

Another plus... you'll see all sizes of horses. This little miniature horse (NOT a pony) was like a Thelwell cartoon come to life:

Here he is next to a standard size palomino Quarter Horse for scale:
And at the other end of the spectrum... the Draft horses. (Not named for draft beer!). Here's a Clydesdale doing Barrel Racing.... you don't see this every day!

Again for scale... this gal is riding bareback on a horse that stands about 6 ' tall at the shoulder!

All the time the western events are happening... a typical day at the stable is going on. Here are more views of the pony at the hot walker....

And there's more than just the riding events... (next post coming soon)

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