Sunday, September 11, 2011

Horse Show 2011 - It takes a team!

Another successful charity horse show... keep scrolling down for lots and lots of posts! I'll leave these up for about a week... then back to more SNB business. But it's HORSES for now :)

Horses in flight is a reoccurring image at this show.... but here's a shot of a ring crew member, so you can see the scale of some of the jumps.
The jumps in the "Grand Prix" event at this show... the $10,000 Seahorse Jumper Classic... start at 4'3" to 4'6"... with spreads to 5' between paired fences. If multiple teams have clear rounds under the time limit... then the heights (and the drama) increase for the jump off (and there was a jump-off this year).
It takes team work by horse and rider... and like a small business... a devoted crew behind the make all these pretty pictures possible....

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